Old Porcelain Dolls

Those who collect old porcelain dolls likely will want to have them around for a very long time. Make sure that you don’t just stick them somewhere and forget about them though. If you do this, then they will lose value in all likelihood. You will need to care for your old porcelain dolls correctly or it will take its toll.

Don’t Let Improper Care Take Its Toll on Your Old Porcelain Dolls

Your doll will undoubtedly have clothes on it. Part of taking care of your old porcelain dolls is taking care of their clothes too. When dealing with antiques, the clothes will likely be very old, especially if they have never been replaced.Vintage Victorian Dolls

This means that you will need to handle the clothes on your old porcelain dolls very delicately. Ideally, you will wash them delicately by hand. If the fabric is safe for washing, then you can use a gentle laundry detergent or even mild dishwashing liquid to get it clean. It’s best that you ensure all dust has been removed from the clothes before you set out to wash them though.

If you have a significant collection of old porcelain dolls though, washing them by hand may be time-prohibitive. One potential solution to this problem would be to wash them inside of a mesh bag or pillow protector. You would need to make sure that your washing machine is on the gentlest cycle though or you’ll risk damaging the clothes.

While the clothes are off, you should wash the bodies of your old porcelain dolls. Simply use a hair dryer to get rid of light layers of dust. Dust that is really set can be wiped off using warm water and mild detergent. Even if you’re using mild detergent, it may still cause damage to certain areas of the surface. Therefore, test out the solution on an inconspicuous area before moving on to more noticeable areas.

Sometimes, your old porcelain dolls will have marks or smudges on them in addition to dust. Simple soap and water may not be strong enough to get rid of them. A pencil eraser should be able to do the job if you wet it first.

Some old porcelain dolls have glued on hair wigs, while others are painted on. If your dolls has glued on hair, then make sure that you never get it wet. It could cause the hair to become very tangled or even start falling out by rendering the glue much less effective. Simply use a brush to keep the hair in order.

It’s important to note that you should refrain from using certain cleaners to clean your old porcelain dolls. Harsh cleaners, especially those that contain bleach, can be quite damaging to your dolls. They’re particularly prone to damaging the hair or clothing items.

The sun can also be devastating for those who collect old porcelain dolls. The more ultraviolet light that your dolls are exposed to, the higher the risk of the doll getting discolored. At the very least, the clothes on the exterior of the doll will suffer from problems.

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