Miniature Porcelain Dolls

Miniature Porcelain Dolls

There are many different things for people to spend their time collecting.  The list ranges from old and rare coins to cars.  However, miniature...

Antique Figurines

Antique Figurines

Many people have old items in their attics or basements that they haven’t given much thought about over the years. Some have been fortunate...

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Victorian Dolls Collecting Victorian Dolls - Victorian Dolls

Dolls have been made for thousands of years, even going back 2000 B.C. Wooden paddle doll artifacts were discovered in ancient tombs and some of these dolls had movable limbs and removable clothing. Also discovered over the years, were Roman rag dolls that have been dated all the way back to 300 BC. Dolls are [...]

Porcelain Doll Collectors Collecting Victorian Dolls - Porcelain Doll Collectors

Dolls aren’t just for small girls. Adults may not exactly play with them, but some of them make great collector’s items due to the fact that they can gain significant value over time. Keep reading to learn a few tips that will help aspiring porcelain doll collectors. Tips for Aspiring Porcelain Doll Collectors Finding porcelain [...]

Collecting Victorian dolls Collecting Victorian Dolls - Collecting Victorian dolls

There is a huge collection of Victorian dolls available for collectors today. There are those created from porcelain, bisque, paper Mache, wax and wood. There are some collectors who prefer to just focus on the dolls made from one material. There are others who concentrate on dolls made in a certain period of time while [...]

Victorian Porcelain Dolls Collecting Victorian Dolls - Victorian Porcelain Dolls

Are many types of dolls that collectors harbor, with Victorian porcelain dolls being one of the most popular. When buying these dolls however, you will want to ensure that you get the best. Here are a few tips to that end. Some people aren’t interested in getting true antique Victorian porcelain dolls. If you do [...]